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Flag A

There are four bands: the yellow represents the sun or ripe barley; green, machair and the fertility of the island; white, the sands of the beaches or clouds; and blue, the sky and the sea. The order of the bands can also be taken to represent the ‘Land below the Waves’.


Flag B

This flag combines the Nordic Cross, representing the island’s Viking heritage (as adopted by both Barra and South Uist) intertwined with the Celtic cross of the Early Christian church, which was centred on Saint Columba’s monastery on Iona and which had such close links to Tiree. The blue represents the sea and the sky, while the white represents the beaches.


Flag C

The five bands represent a thin strip of land with the island’s sandy beaches suspended between sea and sky. The bands are asymmetric, with one reading being the view of the island from a plane as you come in to land at The Reef.


Flag D

This flag represents one traditional name for Tiree, celebrating its fertility: Tìr an Eòrna ‘the Land of Barley’. The ears are arranged into a circular pattern signifying the sun.